VOA Kids

A Life Changing Experience

More than daycare
A highlight of the Voice of the Apostles conference is the VOA Kids program. Kids from all over the world come to enjoy a time of learning, worshipping, and participating in various activities. We have seen the children in VOA Kids hunger to go after God. We have seen them respond to impartation in a heart-touching way. We have seen them reach out through prophetic art to bless the conference attendees. It has been a joy to see them worshipping, ministering to each other, learning, laughing, and enjoying the presence of the Lord. This is a priceless opportunity for your child to be forever changed in their faith journey.

Travis & Leanna Johnson

Travis & Leanna Johnston

VOA Kids Leaders

Having both been raised in Christian homes, Travis and Leanna accepted Jesus when they were children. In 2003 Leanna joined the staff of Life Center church in Harrisburg, PA, where Travis grew up. He then was hired as well in 2005. They were married that same year and now have four adorable young children. Together, they are a dynamic team who minister to the children and young families at Life Center.

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Jon & Tiffany Aitken

Jon & Tiffany Aitken

VOA Kids Worship Leaders

Out of the overflow of the goodness of God in their lives, Jon & Tiffany write, sing and lead others into a deeper revelation of His goodness. Having encountered the God of the Impossible and His immeasurable goodness in a seemingly impossible medical situation, they pray that as they lead you into worship, you will have a revelation of His grace and that your life will be transformed by His goodness.

Deena Vant Hul

Deena Vant Hul

Deena holds a Doctorate of Ministry from United Theological Seminary. For the past 12 years, she and her husband Mike have been full-time missionaries in China. Together they lead Hidden Treasures Home, a foster home for orphaned children with significant special needs. They also run a school for disabled children and a nursing home for elderly widows. Mike and Deena are senior leaders of a home church and are working with many brothers and sisters in China across denominational lines and government affiliations.

The children’s program will be located in the Heritage room which is on the third floor. To ensure your children’s safety, all of the speakers and volunteers have been screened. We have the best security check-in / check-out system available with additional preventative security officers on the children’s floor. Children are subdivided into smaller “classes” and identified by a group color. These color-coded classes are used for smaller group teaching and game activities. No on-site VOA Kids registrations are allowed.

  • Children must be ages six through twelve at the time of the conference in order to participate in this optional program.
  • We are unable to offer any translation options for the Kids VOA, so all children participating must understand English.
  • Unfortunately, we do not have the staffing to accommodate children with special needs at this time.


Morning Sessions     Evening Sessions  
 Check-in Opens  9:00 AM Check-in Opens   6:30 PM
 Pick-up  12:00 PM  Pick-up  10:00 PM

VOA Kids Registration

All registrations are final unless due to a medical emergency. No refund will be given if request is past early bird date. A $15 dollar fee applies to all refunds. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact the Global Awakening National Department toll-free at (866) 292-5364

Regular Rates

$79 per child
$195 max household family rate

Please register single children or children in the same family only. If you are a church or organization and wish to register a group of children from different families, please call in and register over the phone.


Frequently Asked Questions

When is the kids program? The kids program runs during the morning and evening sessions. You can drop your kids off at 9 am and their session will begin at 9:30. Pick up is at 12 pm. In the evening, you can drop your kids off at 6:30 pm and their session starts at 7. Kids can be picked up at 10 pm.

What if I can’t pick up my kids during the designated pick-up time? If you know for some reason you will be unable to pick up your kids during the specified time, please make arrangements ahead of time for your child to be picked up by someone else. There will be a place on the registration form for you to add a guardian(s). The person picking them up needs to be on your registration. If you are worried about missing impartation or part of the session that has gone late, please remember that you can pick up your kids and go back into the adult session with them.

What do I do with my kids during the afternoon? The kids can go into the adult sessions with you; all kids 12 and under can attend the adult VOA sessions for free.

What do I need to do when I arrive? You do not need to bring your email confirmation; we will have you and your children on our list. Please note: There will be a medical form that needs to be filled out by at least one guardian. Please have your medical information ready. After that, you can begin the check-in process.

How does the check-in process work? If your children have been in the VOA Kids program in the past, all of the information should already be in the system. You do not need to do anything additional, you can just check them in. If they have not been in the VOA Kids program before, we will take you through the process. We will scan two fingers of each guardian present. Once your fingerprints are in the system, you can go over to one of the computers that have a finger scanner and place your finger on the scanner. It will pull up your profile with the names of your kids. You can then use the mouse to click on each child you are checking in and hit finish. The system will then print out your receipt and the sticker for your children. Please note: you will need to take the check in slip to one of the leaders at the door in order to drop your children off. When picking up your children, you will go over to the computer, scan your finger, and it will print out a check out slip. That check out slip is the only way to pick up your child. This ensures that your kids can only be picked up by you or a designated guardian.

Can I come in with my kids? Due to safety regulations, none of the parents are allowed into the kids program. All adults that are in that room have gone through paperwork and other clearances. This is to protect your children. The kids typically adjust pretty quickly to the group setting. If they have any issues adjusting, we will contact you via the number you gave us on your registration. We also make a recap video throughout the week so that you can see some of the activities your kids did.

Who will the speakers be? Travis and Leanna Johnston, staff from Life Center, are leading the kids program. They are the main speakers. We may have other speakers as well. If we do, we will post it on our website.

What will the kids do? There is teaching, worship (lead by Tiffany & Jon Aitken), skits/puppets, and lots of fun activities. Some of the evening sessions also feature a guest speaker and a time of impartation.

Travis & Leanna Johnston

Having both been raised in Christian homes, Travis and Leanna accepted Jesus when they were children. In 2003 Leanna joined the staff of Life Center church in Harrisburg, PA, where Travis grew up. He then was hired as well in 2005. They were married that same year and now have four adorable young children. Together, they are a dynamic team who minister to the children and young families at Life Center.

As part of the church staff, Leanna leads a team of volunteers who minister to young children and Travis ministers to elementary-age children. Their heart is to see an entire generation both experience and learn about God as they all have fun together.

The Johnstons have seen success in their children's ministry with a mixture of practical & fun, such as video productions, theatrical performances, and more. Travis and Leanna view their ministry as more than just childcare; they believe it as an opportunity to see God show up and bring His presence and love to children of all ages.